Chop-N-Feed Bucket

ProDig Beet Chopper and Meal Feeding Bucket is available in three sizes from 2m to 2.5m which will suit tractor loaders, telehandlers, articulated loaders & Tractor 3 Point Linkage. This versatile unit is equipped with a hydraulic motor which drives a heavy-duty auger for both chopping and feeding out so there is no need for a PTO drive. The large output on the bucket allows the bucket to unload and chop in a minimal amount of time.

• Auger mover is fitted on the rear of the bucket rather than the side to allow use in close proximity with walls.
• Easy access to all moving parts
• Heavy duty buckets construction to allow for use on all machines.
• Bolt on hitch system mean the bucket can be mounted off centred if required.
• Hardened cutting edge and leading edge
• Available with bolt on hitch system to fit all machines
• Option of right or left-hand side chopping.
• Four minutes per cubic meter chop rate

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